Sebring-West Branch Hot Stove

The 2019 season was a big one for the Sebring-West Branch Hot Stove League.  Our EE league team, who was sponsored by Homeworth Fab & Machine,  won the Ohio Hot Stove League State Championship for the 4th year in a row!!    

We're already getting prepared for the 2020 season.  Baseball season is just around the corner!

2019 Season

2020 Season

Signups - NOTE:  All registrations will be held at the Sebring Fire Station, 235 East Ohio Avenue, Sebring, OH.  The registration form is on the Home page of this website.  The registration FEES are listed on the registration form.

Registrations will be held on the following dates/times:

    Saturdays - Feb. 1, 2020 and Feb. 8, 2020 from 9:00am - noon

    Wednesdays - Feb. 5, 2020 and Feb. 12, 2020 from 5:00pm - 8:00pm

Practices - times/days for practices are determined by the Manager of each individual team

HH/H, GG/G, F Leagues (Ages 9 and up) - Practices start in March

I League (Ages 7 and 8) - Practices start in April

T-Ball League (Ages 5 and 6) - Practices start early May


HH/H, GG/G, and F Leagues (Ages 9 and up) - games are played from late April - late July

I League (Ages 7 and 8) - games are played from early May - late July

T-Ball league (Ages 5 and 6) - games are played from late May to late June

State Tournament

All teams in HH (9 year olds) league and older play in the Ohio Hot Stove League State Tournament which is played on various dates from July 11 - July 26, 2020 (NOTE:  the games for the tournament are played on the weekends, although delays/cancellations due to the weather could cause the games to be played during the week).  Please be aware of this tournament when scheduling summer vacations.   

Teams in I league (7-8 year olds) have the OPTION to play in the Ohio Hot Stove League State Tournament in July.  The decision to play in the tournament is left to the discretion of the Manager of each individual team in the 7-8 year old league.  There will be an end of the year local tournament for 7-8 year olds at the end of June.    

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